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Our vaccines, microchips & flea/tick products are of the highest quality available in today's veterinary medicine.  They are the same products used in veterinary hospitals, purchased from the same veterinary supply vendors as major vet hospitals. The difference in our services and prices compared to veterinary hospitals is that we SPECIALIZE in vaccinations, microchipping and flea/tick prevention.  We do NOT charge a fee to see your pet, which is an automatic substantial savings.  Our products are offered at a lower price than at most veterinary hospitals since we maintain a low overhead. Our veterinarians and team members volunteer much time to make certain that healthy pet care (preventative care) is available for any budget.

VACCINATING your pet is very important.  However, it is also important to NOT over-vaccinate!  We adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by the American Veterinary Association.
Vaccinations have been greatly improved over the years.  It is no longer necessary to vaccinate every year for most viruses.  The appropriate vaccination schedule core vaccines (DHPP, Rabies, FvRCP) is as follows:

Puppies:   Set #1 (8 weeks of age) DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parafluenza, Parvo) CORE vaccine, repeat 3-4 weeks (note: the final first year DHPP should be administered at a minimum of 16 weeks of age.  This may require a 4th DHPP vaccination.)  Some breeds, i.e., Rottweilers are more susceptible to parvo.  A 4th DHPP is recommended (at the Veterinarian's discretion) for breeds with a history of higher risk.

Set #2 (12 weeks of age) DHPP (add the 1st of 2 Bordetella vaccinations for prevention of kennel cough IF the puppy will go to dog parks, groomers or be socialized with other dogs in the future.  This vaccine is optional, not a Core vaccine.)  Repeat boosters in 3-4 weeks.

Set #3 (the final first year DHPP booster should be administered at a minimum of 16 weeks of age, at which time the immune system should be strong and established)  DHPP #3 of 3 & Bordetella 2 of 2 (optional for kennel cough prevention). This set will be good for 1 year.  The DHPP booster in 1 year will then become a 3 year booster.  It is a CORE vaccine and should be boostered every 3 years along with rabies.

Puppies and elderly dogs are most at risk for Parvo.  (Dogs are considered seniors at the age of 7; although some large breed dogs have a shorter life span.)

The Bordetella booster will always be a 1 year vaccination since kennel cough is a bacteria, not a virus.

RABIES (CORE VACCINE): Minimum age 12 weeks, but should be administered at the discretion of the veterinarian based on the breed/size of the pet as well as the status of other vaccinations (so as not to overload the pet with too many vaccinations at once).  The first rabies vaccination for any pet, regardless of age, is good for 1 year.  The booster in 1 year, and subsequent boosters, will be good for 3 years. This is a CORE vaccine.  Rabies is contracted by direct contact with the saliva of a rabid animal, not an airborne virus such as Parvo.  There is NO cure for rabies.  It is almost always FATAL - and can be transmitted to humans if bitten by a rabid animal.   The two MOST IMPORTANT (CORE) VACCINATIONS are Rabies & DHPP (boostered every 3 years after the first year series).

Puppies should NOT be taken to dog parks, boarded or socialized with any other pets (except those pets that have been vaccinated and live in the same household) until all first year vaccinations are complete, between the age of 4 & 5 months (when the immune system has become fully established).

Bravecto oral flea and tick treats (1 every 12 WEEKS!) $45 Dogs only 6 months old or older
safe for pregnant or nursing females

1 treatment every 3 MONTHS $45 (all weights)

Microchipping (Avid) $40 INCLUDES a LIFETIME registration with AVID
(NOTE: Most animal shelters use AVID microchips.  Their scanners read ONLY AVID chips, not Home Again chips.)

Bravecto oral flea & tick treats (1 every 12 WEEKS), by prescription. Sold by the 3 month supply $45 (3 month treat) for dogs age 6 months or older, safe for pregnant/nursing females.

Bravecto for cats available NOW! (1 topical treatment, by prescription, every 3 months $45

Low cost vaccinations, Bravecto flea & tick prevention for dogs & cats & microchipping
We SPECIALIZE in kitten and puppy first year vaccinations and dewormers. (See packages below.)

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CANINE: (Prices below are individual, not pkg. pricing)

RABIES              $15 for rabies only OR $5 if purchased in combination with another vaccination

DHPP                 $25

DHLPP               $28





FvRCP                 $25

LEUKEMIA          $25

RABIES               $15 or $5 if combination






up to 10#: $15

11 - 20 #:  $20

21 - 40#:  $25

41# & above: $30

We offer vaccinations priced individually, or, in discounted packages, including super saver packages, "VALUE PACK" for puppies & kittens, which include all first year vaccinations, de-worming. Microchipping is also available in package pricing as follows:



(See individual visit prices further down the page)

Puppy's 1st year: (VALUE PACK)

(3) DHPP (spaced 3-4 weeks apart). (NOTE:  The last DHPP booster should be administered at a minimum age of 16 weeks. As a result, a 4th DHPP may be required if the pet received the first DHPP before 8 weeks of age.  In this instance, the 4th DHPP is also included in the Value Package price.)

(2) Bordetella (spaced 3-4 weeks apart)

(1) Rabies (The first rabies vaccination, regardless of the age of the pet, is good for 1 year, then 3 years thereafter)

(2) Roundworm de-wormers


Plus Microchip & LIFETIME REGISTRATION: $130




Kitten's 1st year: (Value Pack)

Indoor Kittens:

(3) FvRCP (spaced 3-4 weeks apart) (May require a 4th FvRCP to be certain that the kitten is at least 16 weeks of age at the end of the first year program.)  This is included in the price of the Value Pack if required.

(2) De-wormers (Roundworm)

(1) Rabies (good for 1 year, then 3 years thereafter)



Outdoor Kittens:

(3) FvRCP (spaced 3-4 weeks apart) (a 4th FvRCP may be required but is included in price)

(2) Leukemia (spaced 3-4 weeks apart)

(2) De-wormers (Roundworm)

(1) Rabies


Puppy Year 1, priced per visit: Kitten Year 1, priced per visit:

Visit #1:

DHPP (1st of 3)

De-worm (1st of 2)


Visit #1:

FvRCP (1st of 3)

De-worm (1st of 2)



2 of 2 De-worm (2 wks after 1st)


2 of 2 De-worm (2 wks after 1st)


2nd Set: (3-4 weeks after 1st)

2 of 3 DHPP

1 of 2 Bordetella




3rd Set:

3 of 3 DHPP

2 of 2 Bordetella



Minimum age for rabies is 12 weeks.  The veterinarian will recommend the appropriate time to administer rabies based on the schedule of other vaccinations and/or the breed/size of the puppy.

Rabies ONLY $15 for cats & dogs, OR $5 for customers who purchase or have recently purchased other services from Shots for Pets



The CORE vaccinations are DHPP, Rabies (canines)

FvRCP, Rabies (felines)


(after the first year vaccinations have been completed)

2nd Set: (3-4 weeks after 1st)

2 of 3 FvRCP

$25 (Indoor only)


FvRCP + Leukemia $45



3rd Set:

3 of 3 FvRCP

$25 (Indoor only)


FvRCP + Leukemia $45

+ Rabies



Canine Annual Boosters

Annual Boosters for INDOOR CATS

DHP Parvo


Every 3rd Year Rabies is due in addition to the vaccinations listed above  $15 individually (or $50 for annual boosters & rabies in a package)

FvRCP  $25

Every 3rd Year, Rabies $15 or $5 for customers who have purchased other services previously

Annual Boosters for OUTDOOR CATS


Rabies (Every 3rd year once the 2nd rabies has been received)  $15 for rabies only or $50 for FvRCP, Leukemia & Rabies

Bravecto oral flea/tick treats (1 every 12 weeks) for dogs (minimum age 6 months, safe for pregnant/nursing females) & Bravecto prescription topical flea/tick treatment for cats (1 every 12 WEEKS) $45, are sold under the blue tent during clinic hours EVERY WEEKEND (by prescription from our veterinarian at no additional charge), OR BY TEXTING 619.436.4372 (or eMail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR YOUR REFILL. (Click on the schedule link above to get exact addresses/times of the clinics.)



Bravecto (all sizes) $45 for 1 three month chewable treat






NO additional charge for our veterinarian to see

your pet for the prescription.  Refills may be

obtained for up to 1 year from the original

prescription date at clinic locations or over the phone

(verification of original prescription required)

BRAVECTO Topical (all sizes) $45

1 application every 3 MONTHS for

ticks & fleas

By prescription only (we do not charge an additional fee

for our veterinarian to see your pet for the initial

prescription). Refills may be obtained at clinic

locations or via phone without seeing your

pet for up to 1 year from the initial prescription date.

(verification of original prescription required)

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Prices Subject to Change without notice. (Our last price increase was June, 2012). Our goal is to keep our costs to a minimum so that

we can avoid price increases.  Should the cost of vaccines increase significantly enough to force a price increase to our customers, we will post a 30 day

advance notice on this site.


Please bring all dogs on leashes and cats in carriers.