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Our vaccines, microchips & flea/tick products are of the highest quality available in today's veterinary medicine.  They are the same products used in veterinary hospitals, purchased from the same veterinary supply vendors as major vet hospitals. The difference in our services and prices compared to veterinary hospitals is that we SPECIALIZE in vaccinations, microchipping and flea/tick prevention.  We do NOT charge a fee to see your pet, which is an automatic substantial savings.  Our products are offered at a lower price than at most veterinary hospitals since we maintain a low overhead. Our veterinarians and team members volunteer much time to make certain that healthy pet care (preventative care) is available for any budget.

VACCINATING your pet is very important.  However, it is also important to NOT over-vaccinate!
We adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Vaccinations have been greatly improved over the years.  It is no longer necessary to vaccinate every year for most viruses.  The appropriate vaccination schedule core vaccines (DHPP, Rabies, FvRCP) is as follows.  Other vaccines are available, however, not recommended unless your pet is in an area endemic to a specific disease or risk not covered in the core vaccines.  Consult the veterinarian for more information on non-CORE vaccines:
Any dog diagnosed with confirmed canine flu H3N2 or H3N8 must be quarantined for a minimum of 28 days.  Please consult a veterinarian to see if your pet is at risk for canine flu.

CIV H3N2 & CIV H3N8 (canine Flu bivalent)            $30
DHPP                  $25               BORDETELLA          $25             RABIES         $10
LEPTO                 $15               LYME                     $35



Heartworm Test     $40               (Heartworm preventatives are listed at the bottom of this page)

3 DHPP                                                                      3 FvRCP
BORDETELLA   (1 if intranasal or oral, 2 if injectable)     2 FELV
1 RABIES                                                                   1 RABIES
2 PYRANTEL PAMOATE ORAL SUSPENSION DE-WORMERS Value Package (1st year vaccinations & dewormers only)                                                                                         $99
Value Package + microchip (no registration fee required)                                $135
Value Package + microchip + 1 month dose flea prevention                            $149

(Bravecto chewable treats for dogs and topical for cats are 1 dose every 3 months, by prescription only. Pet must be minimum age of 6 months.  No additional charge for our veterinarian to see your pet to prescribe flea and/or heartworm preventatives.  The pet MUST be present to obtain the initial prescription, then at least once per year to renew the prescription.  You may obtain a refill without the pet being present ONLY if you have your paperwork from the initial prescription in your possession at the clinic.)  You may also text a copy of your prescription paperwork to 619.436.4372 to refill your prescription.  A customer service representative will confirm your prescription & process your order over the phone with a credit card payment.  No additional charge for shipping.

$49/3 MONTH dose or $90 for 2 three month doses (6 month supply)

$49/3 MONTH dose or $90 for 2 three month doses (6 month supply)

Activyl prescription topical flea prevention for kittens & puppies $14 single monthly dose or $65 6 monthly doses.
Revolution prescription topical for fleas/heartworm prevention:
$18 single monthly dose / $49 for 3 monthly doses
Tri-Heart Plus Heartworm preventative:   $10 single dose / $35 6 mo doses
Heartworm test:  $40

FvRCP               $25               LEUKEMIA (FELV)     $25            RABIES          $10

BOOSTER PACKAGE (FvRCP/FELV)                     $45


Pyrantel   (Roundworms)   $10 per dose
Cestex dewormer tablets   $10 per tablet
Virbantel Tablets (Pyrantel/Praziquantel) for roundworms & tapeworms $10 per tablet
(based upon weight to determine the # of tablets required)
Praziquantel injectable (tapeworms only)   $15 - $35 (based upon weight)

Revolution prescription topical for flea/heartworm prevention    $18 single/$49 3 doses
Heartworm Testing $40

Activyl prescription flea topical kittens & puppies         $14 single / $65 6 mo doses
BRAVECTO prescription topical (min age 6 months):
$49 (3 mo dose) $90 2 (3 monthly doses)

Vaccination Protocol based upon AVMA Guidelines:

When should I vaccinate my puppy?  (For the canine flu H3N2/H3N8, consult our veterinarian at no additional charge)

Set #1 (8 weeks)
DHPP (1 of 3)
De-wormer (1 of 2), Repeat 10-14 days De-wormer (1-2)

Set #2 (11-12 weeks)
DHPP (2 of 3)
Bordetella (kennel cough)   OPTIONAL vaccine.  It is required at groomers,boarding facilities, dog parks or recommended if your dog will be socialized with other dogs.

Set #3 (16 weeks)
DHPP (3 of 3)**

RABIES (1st rabies vaccination): Minimum age 12 weeks.  (This applies to puppies and kittens)
The veterinarian will determine when the first rabies should be administered, based upon age, breed, health of the pet, or other factors. The first rabies vaccination, for an animal of any age, is always a 1 year vaccination.  All subsequent boosters are effective for 3 years.

Repeat Set #3 + Rabies in 1 YEAR. At that time, DHPP, FvRCP & Rabies will become a 3 year vaccination.  Bordetella (dogs) will always be a 1 year vaccination since it is a bacteria, not a virus.  FeLV (cats) is a 1 or a 2 year vaccination, depending upon the risk level to be determined by the DVM.

When will my puppy be able to go to dog parks or beaches?

PUPPIES SHOULD NOT GO TO BEACHES, DOG PARKS, OR BE SOCIALIZED WITH OTHER PETS UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN FULLY VACCINATED AND ARE AT LEAST 16 WEEKS (when the immune system has had time to become established).  Puppies can attend training classes after the second set of vaccinations (12 weeks).

** Some breeds, Rottweilers in particular, are more susceptible to Parvo.  A 4th DHPP is recommended in the first year series for these breeds, or in order to ensure that the final first year series for puppies or kittens is administered at a minimum age of 16 weeks (the time when the immune system is becoming established).
Puppies and elderly dogs (age 7 or older) are also more susceptible to Parvo.  Note that Parvo is a virus which is airborne.  It can be transferred on clothing, shoes if anyone in your household is exposed to an animal infected with parvo at any location.  It is also blown through the air and into your home if an infected animal is within 1 mile of your home.  Parvo lives a long time in dog feces.  Do NOT allow your puppy or dog to sniff pet feces!

Set #1: (8 weeks)
FvRCP (1 of 3)
De-worming (1 of 2) Repeat in 10-14 days

Set #2: (12 weeks)
FvRCP (2 of 3)
FELV  (1 of 2)

Set #3:  (16 weeks)
FvRCP (3 of 3)
FELV  (2 of 2)
Rabies (1 year)

REPEAT SET #3 IN 1 YEAR. At that time, FvRCP & Rabies become 3 YEAR boosters. FELV will always be either a 1 year or 2 year vaccination, depending upon the cat's lifestyle.

RABIES VACCINATIONS:    1ST Rabies or Booster (3 Year Rabies) $10
The veterinarian will determine when to administer rabies, based upon age, breed, health and/or size of the pet.  A rabies vaccination for a Toy breed should ALWAYS be administered as a SINGLE vaccination, at least 2 weeks between any other vaccinations!  All first rabies vaccinations are good for 1 year, regardless of the age of the animal at the time of vaccination.  Subsequent rabies vaccinations are good for 3 years.  Dogs are required to be licensed for rabies (click on our locations link for the licensing agency based upon your residential address).  Cats in Coronado (only) are also required to be licensed.  We are not affiliated with the licensing agencies and are not authorized to provide cost or any other information on behalf of the licensing agencies.  Please direct any questions regarding licensing directly to them (number provided on our list).

How often should I vaccinate my adult dog/cat?

ADULT DOGS & CATS:  (For pets previously vaccinated)
DHPP (3 Year Vaccination) $25 CORE VACCINE
Bordetella (kennel cough/optional) 1 Year Vaccination $25*
* If purchased as the booster combination, the cost is $45
3 Year Rabies (2nd & subsequent rabies vaccinations) $10 CORE VACCINE
Canine Flu H3N2/H3N8 Bivalent $30 requires initial vaccination, booster in 3-4 weeks, then annuallly. (Required at most boarding/grooming facilities) Any dog diagnosed with the canine flu will become very sick.  Several counties require quarantine of a minimum of 28 days once treatment has begun.


FvRCP (3 Year Vaccination) $25 CORE VACCINE
FELV  $25
*If purchased as the booster combination, the cost is $45
3 Year Rabies (2nd & subsequent rabies vaccinations) $10  CORE VACCINE
REPEAT FvRCP & RABIES EVERY 3 YEARS, FeLV every year, or 2 years to be determined by the DVM.

I have a new pet with an unknown vaccination history.  What should I do?

For Pets (ages 4 months and older) with an unknown vaccination history:
Always assume that the pet has not been vaccinated.  The protocol in this case is:

Set 1 of 2  (repeat in 2-4 weeks, then again in 1 YEAR)
Bordetella   (Optional vaccine for kennel cough)

Rabies (REPEAT IN 1 YEAR. The booster that is administered at that time will become a 3 year vaccination)

Set 1 of 2 (repeat in 2-4 weeks, then again in 1 YEAR)
FELV (Leukemia)
Rabies (REPEAT IN 1 YEAR. The booster that is administered at that time will become a 3 year vaccination)

SPAY/NEUTER information can be obtained on location from the veterinarian.  This information will vary from pet to pet, depending upon breed and other factors.  Always seek the advice of a veterinarian prior to scheduling your spay/neuter appointment.

Heartworm testing (by appt only, text 619.436.4372): $40

Tri-Heart Heartworm preventative (chewables, min age 6 weeks, 6 monthly doses) $35 or $10 for a single monthly dose

Revolution Flea/Heartworm prescription topical    $18 single / $49 3 mo doses

Activyl prescription topical for kittens & puppies   $14 single / $65 6 mo doses

BRAVECTO 3 month chewables (dogs) or BRAVECTO 3 month topical (cats):
$49 3 month dose or $90 for 2 three monthly doses (6 month supply)

Prices Subject to Change without notice. (Our last price increase was June, 2012). Our goal is to keep our costs to a minimum so that

we can avoid price increases.  Should the cost of vaccines increase significantly enough to force a price increase to our customers, we will post a 30 day

advance notice on this site.

Please bring all dogs on leashes and cats in carriers.